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Associated Products Company
The formation of ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS COMPANY in 1956 was based upon our determination to win a good name for ourselves and our country by setting a new standard of products and service.
We have been working hard to prove the validity of its objective and are proud to manufacture the instruments for Manicure, Pedicure (Beauty Care), Dental and Surgical purposes in Pakistan.
For customer satisfaction, we manufacture & design all the instruments under ISO-19001: 1994 & ISO-13488:1996 Quality System and also fulfilling all the requirments of Medical Device Agency 93/42/EEC directives to mark CE on the products.
We shall do everything possible to make you a stwady customer.We want you to demand more of us than others.We will make good!
We are using to quality stainless steel grade to products our high quality products.
STAINLESS STEEL is considered to be an ideal material for most of the beauty care surgical instruments, However, it remains a clear misconception that it cannot or will not corrode at all. If the instruments are not cleaned thoroughly and dried completely soon
after use, the condensation of water or the remains of certain chemicals, like barium and aluminum chlorides, bromine or iodine, will cause spots, stain or pitting.
Washing the instruments with very strong detergents, steel abrasive or brushes can aslo damage the surface. Dry-heating beyond 160° C may effect their hardness and quick cooling may result into breakage.
Our Comprehensive range illustrated in this catalogue and if there is a particular pattern which is not enlisted, please contact us for further requirements.
Products Range
Cuticle Nippers
Nail Cutters
Razor Edge Hair Dressing Scissors
Razor Edge Barber Scissors
Barber Scissors Stainless Steel
Hair Dressing Scissors
Thinning Scissors
Spring Scissors & TC Wire Cutters
Artificial Nail Cutters
Ring Opener & Closing Pliers
Body Piercing Forceps
Nail Files And Combinations Instruments Stainless Steel
Cutting Scalers, Chisel Excavator & Other Instruments Inox
Assorted Instruments
Pushers & Gouges
Manicure Implements
Assorted Scalpel Hand & Forceps Stainless Steel
Scissor & Assorted Instruments Stainless Steel
Pusher, Gouges & Chiropody Instruments Stainless Steel
Hair Plucking Tweezers & Splinter Forceps
Nail Scissors Stainless Steel
Pedicure Instruments
Excavator & Credo Handle
Spatulas Instruments Box & Holloware Inox
Fancy Scissors Stainless Steel & Gold Plated
Manicure Sets, Dissecting Set & Student Kit
Manicure Accessories & Other Instruments
Empty School Bags
Packing Style
New Products
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